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St Johns’ Oncology Center in Lublin (COZL) is a comprehensive oncology center in eastern Poland, a part of the national oncology network existing for over 50 years.

Our Center has the third highest referential degree of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, which means that it provides professional and comprehensive ways to fight cancer diseases.  The center offers all vital therapeutic options in oncology: radiotherapy, chemotherapy – clinical oncology, oncology surgery, palliative care, rehabilitation, prevention of cancer diseases, healing pain as well as genetic examinations with the use of genetic markers responsible for pathologies.

It is estimated that 60-90% of cancer comes from the environment, where the environment is defined in the broadest sense. Cancer can come not only from exposure to pollution, but also exposures associated with diet, occupation, residence and personal habits. Each of these environmental exposures can add to the burden of carcinogens for a person, increasing cancer risk.

Researchers. COZL is staffed by a group of experienced researchers, doctoral students and technical employees. The core of CTR staff is a group of more than yy scientists with various academic backgrounds (biologists, biotechnologists, physicians, occupational and environmental toxicologists, chemists, physicists and computer scientists). Currently, CTR employs xx full professors and xx associate professors. COZL staff coaches a dozen doctoral and undergraduate students, as well as several volunteers. COZL researchers make an extensive use of advanced molecular and cell biology techniques and methods.

Generally, areas of their skill and research experience cover gene expression analyses, DNA sequencing, structural and functional gene studies, gene cloning, fusion/recombinant proteins, stem cells, tumor hypoxia, novel experimental antitumor strategies (involving the  tumor microenvironment, immune suppression or drug nanocarriers), construction and use of transgenic mice models as well as proteomic approaches based on mass spectrometry.  In addition, clinical task-oriented research teams are operating. Their goal is to secure implementation, in accordance with clinical needs, of molecular biology-based research and diagnostic procedures geared to particular models of neoplastic diseases.

The Occupational Cancer Research has been established recently, and is one of the first of its kind in Poland. The team was established to fill the gaps in our knowledge of occupation-related cancers and to translate these findings into preventive programs to control workplace carcinogenic exposures and improve the health of workers.

The team has been established to lead a program of integrated research that will involve collaborations between researchers, worker organizations and employers.

More detailed information concerning individual research teams within the COZL activities (staff, equipment, research grant projects and research papers can be found at


The foundation goals are:

•preparing and leading actions that help to fight cancer diseases

•supporting the Lublin Oncology Center

•helping and supporting patients suffering from cancer and their families

•supporting our medical staff

•conducting educational actions, publishing, teaching and training

•cooperating with other organizations to fight cancer diseases

The foundation goals are accomplished thanks to:

•conducting extended actions in order to fight cancer diseases

•publishing actions and publication of our medical magazine

•organizing meetings, conferences and workshops in order to exchange knowledge and disseminate information about our activities

•cooperating with individual people as well as with national and international organizations in the range of foundation’s activities